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I'm born in Turin in 1988.
I've studied photography and Graphic design in Franco Balbis after which I've worked as assistant photographer in Day light studio in Turin.
I've always been fascinated by reportage and photojournalism, so I moved to London in 2011 in order to live some life and find a way to become a ''real'' photographer. After few years working in pubs I've started to produce reportages, Gently Down the Stream it has been my first published work. From then on I put beside my pub work and my photography projects until 2016, when I've left my previous job to concentrate only on photography. Since 2016 I've Published for many Newspapers and Magazine internationally as : Tpi, La Stampa, La Stampa Torino, La Stampa online, La Repubblica, D La Repubblica, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Il Reportage, Tuttolibri, Artribune, The Guardian, The Sun, El Pais, Heaps Magazine,,, Sette, National Geographic, L'oeil de la photographie, 6mois, I-d Vice, The Independent and more. I've concentrate my works in Subcultures, Addictions, Council Estates, and ''Left Behind'' society. From late 2017 I've worked as Head photographer for Change, a new Channel of, working on projects of addictions all over the country. I recently moved to Rome in order to follow the projects I would like to produce.
I have a project about a book called Babylon, about the London't nights that I never decided to stop, I wish it'll get to life one day.


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